SsangYong Motor Unveils the G4 Rexton

▪ Newly born premium large SUV inherits essential values and DNA of an authentic SUV

Premium Authentic SUV with Great 4 Revolution; style, driving, safety, and high-tech

New high techs includes the Quad Frame, 9 airbags, 9.2˝ HD Touch Screen, 3D AVM, and two-way mirroring

The G4 Rexton offers a powerful driving performance based on the combination of an e-XDi220 engine, a Mercedes’ 7-speed automatic transmission and 4-Tronic

Under the theme “Majestic Thrilling,” SsangYong Motor will provide a number of programs at its booth during the motor show

SsangYong Motor Company(CEO Choi Johng-sik;, part of the Mahindra Group, made a world premiere of the G4 Rexton, which will continue the success of Tivoli in the large SUV segment, at the 2017 Seoul Motor Show on March 30, during the press day event.  

SsangYong Motor held the world premiere of its new large-sized SUV G4 Rexton on the press day in the presence of Chairman Anand Mahindra of Mahindra & Mahindra, CEO Choi Johng-sik of SsangYong Motor, the local and foreign press, the domestic and overseas dealers and other guests. It displayed a total of 17 vehicles including the new model and other production models in the show booth with an area of 2,200㎡.

The booth design conceived under the theme “Majestic Thrilling” embodies the Shoulder Wing, which is a key element of the SsangYong Motor family look. It conveys a dynamic image and captures SsangYong Motor’s determination to provide the highest value based on constant technology development.

SsangYong Motor CEO Choi Johng-sik said in his remarks, “Following Tivoli that has set new standards for the small SUVs, the G4 Rexton, which we are unveiling today, will be announcing the revival of the large-sized premium SUVs with traditional SUV values.” CEO Choi continued, “The new platform will fulfill the core role for realizing mid-to-long term development strategy along with TIVOLI platform”

Based on next-generation frame and rear-wheel drive system, the G4 Rexton implicitly expresses the Great 4 Revolution through its brand name to present the values of the Premium Authentic SUV through combining tradition and innovation.

SsangYong Motor is trying to make profit continuously through expanding sales backed by SUV full lineup from TIVOIL to G4 Rexton.

While TIVOLI has done groundwork for reviving the company, G4 Rexton is expected to contribute to securing profitability as well as recapturing pride as an SUV specialist, leading premium SUV market.

In particular, as there is a growing demand for stronger off-road driving performance and a larger towing capacity in the large-sized SUVs to support the increasing leisure activities, the frame-type and rear-wheel drive systems in the large-sized SUVs is gaining more attention in the global market. It will address such needs with the G4 Rexton and further strengthen its position as an SUV specialized company.

With a charismatic design, a 4WD driving performance that befits a authentic SUV, excellent utilization of the interior space along with safety and convenience features suiting the title ‘flagship SUV,’ the G4 Rexton provides an unmatched driving experience and emotional satisfaction to consumers.

Style Revolution

The strong and dynamic styling of the G4 Rexton got the inspiration from the majestic look of the Greek temple Parthenon. SsangYong’s design philosophy “Nature-born 3Motion,” in particular, the “Dignified Motion” was the motif behind the embodiment of Nature’s magnificent movement in the styling.

The shoulder wing radiator grill located in the center is connected to the headlamps to create a dynamic and voluminous front look. A golden ratio was followed for the design of the silhouette of the vehicle body, the character line, the shape and position of the lamps, the radiator grill, the emblem and the intake hole that make up the front design to present a well-balanced look.

The emphasis on the side character line starting in the rear fender gives a dynamic feeling as if the car is ready to dash forward. The smooth A-pillar and the wider D-pillar show a contrast to give a nimble and yet a strong image. Furthermore, the G4 Rexton is the first SUV in the domestic market to offer a 20-inch sputtered-wheel to add to the stylishness and the luxurious look of the model.

Furthermore, the LED positioning lamp that integrates the Daytime Running Light (DRL) and the turn signal lamp also underlines the premium image of the model along with the LED fog and cornering lamp.

The interior space that aims to be a “Refined Deluxe” can be used for various purposes depending on the seat arrangement. The leather seat, which used the highest grade Nappa leather, the memory system that saves the customized seat and door mirror positions of the driver are features that increase the quality feel for the passengers.

The G4 Rexton also provides the highest level of passenger convenience and the largest cargo space in the segment thanks to optimized interior space designing. The largest legroom in the segment for the rear and a large interior space ensure highest level of comfort for the passenger. It is the only model in the segment that can carry passengers in the rear and also accommodate four golf bags.

It is also the only model in the segment with a 7-inch TFT LCD supervision cluster with excellent visibility to satisfy the various needs of the user.

The seat, which is manually manufactured using the highest grade Nappa leather presents the best comfort in addition to its delicate choice of color, material and shape. The comfort of the seat becomes more obvious over long distance driving as the seat supports and holds stable the body position. The stitched quilted pattern of the seat further enhances the luxurious feel.

Driving Revolution

The G4 Rexton powertrain uses an e-XDi220 LET diesel engine and a Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmission. The highly efficient and quiet e-XDi220 LET engine delivers a top-notch start performance and acceleration at a low to medium speed based on a strong low end torque which is typical of SsangYong engines.

The first-rate power transmission performance and durability of the Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmission was already proven through various Mercedes-Benz models, and in combination with the e-XDi220 engine, it delivers a smooth shift feel and responds quickly to enable a dynamic driving.

The 4Tronic_Powered system of the G4 Rexton is based on SsangYong’s long experience in the 4WD technology. Drivers may use rear-wheel drive mode under regular driving conditions for riding comfort and efficient fuel consumption. 4WD_H/L mode can be selected when it is required for particular road surface conditions to improve traction. A combination of a front wheel double wishbone and a rear wheel multi-link independent suspension, a rare feature among the domestic SUV models, ensures a high level of driving stability and riding feel.

Safety Revolution

The G4 Rexton has the most airbags in the segment with nine airbags including the driver’s knee-airbag and the 2nd–row side-airbags and also uses various modern safety technologies including the newly developed Quad Frame made of advanced high-strength steel to provide top-level safety for passengers.

The Quad Frame made of a 1.5GPa-grade advanced high-strength Giga Steel for the first time worldwide has achieved a substantial weight reduction thanks to innovative engineering. It enhances the safety of the other vehicle in an accident as well. The amount of the advanced high-strength steel (over 590MPa) was extended to 63%, for which the stiffness was also increased through optimized engineering.

The lightweight vehicle body also uses 81.7% of the advanced high-strength steel, the largest amount in the segment, to offer high strength.

Furthermore, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are applied such as the Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEBS), the Lane Change Assist (LCA), the Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA), and the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) to ensure seamless safety of the passengers.

High-Tech Revolution

The infotainment system installed in the G4 Rexton is one of the model’s most attractive feature. It offers the largest 9.2-inch HD screen among the domestic SUV models, which is the medium for top-class connectivity with the mobile device. This ensures the highest level of entertainment and convenience while on the move.

It provides Apple CarPlay as well as Android mirroring service. Especially, G4 Rexton users may connect their Android device over the Wi-Fi for increased convenience. Unlike other cars’ infotainment system with restricted utilization, they can enjoy a two-way mirroring for all the applications in the device for the first time in the domestic market(for Android). All contents including the navigation can be displayed in HD quality for the first time in the segment.

The G4 Rexton offers a 3D AVM (Around View Monitoring) for the first time in the domestic market to deliver a real view of the surrounding for the driver to increase safety and convenience during low-speed driving or parking.

Furthermore, the model is equipped with Infinity’s premium 10-speaker system to provide the best-in-class A/V environment. Optimized for second-row passengers for The Infinity audio system captures the ears of the audio lovers with a clear and vivid sound and spectacular high range sound.

There are other features such as the Auto Closing (door locks automatically when the key is carried away from the car), Easy Access (the seat position is automatically adjusted for easy access when door opens), a high-performing dual-zone fully automated air-condition that filters even the ultra-fine dust, the 220V inverter in the rear (the only in the segment), and a Smart Tailgate to increase convenience for loading and unloading of cargo.

The Smart Tailgate applied in the G4 Rexton is a system that automatically opens the tailgate when the driver with the key is in the rear side of the vehicle for approximately three seconds.

Engine performance, fuel efficiency, price and other details of the Premium Authentic SUV G4 Rexton will be published soon.

SsangYong Motor is also displaying its other production models such as the Chairman W Kaiser, the Korando brand models and the Tivoli brand models with emphasis on the individual characteristics of each model. It is showing the newly developed Quad Frame of the G4 Rexton separately for a better understanding of the material, structure and other advantages of the frame.

SsangYong Motor will also offer various programs and shows to entertain visitors during the motor show period such as a K-Pop concert with the idol group Lovelyz and Laboum, a Taekwondo performance (Korean martial arts), a Tivoli eco-bag designing event, a quiz event with gifts, a climbing experience event with performance, a VR Tilt Brush experience with performance and many more.


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